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Boston Impact Initiative, Cienega Capital and City Fresh Foods

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We are pleased to share that we have some exciting news at City Fresh Foods.

On December 19th, 2014, Mr. Glynn Lloyd and Mr. Sheldon Lloyd, the founding and majority shareholders of City Fresh Foods joined investors, Boston Impact Initiative and Cienega Capital in acquiring City Fresh Foods shares owned by the Unidine Corporation. We are excited about the opportunities for City Fresh Foods to align with our investor partners, Boston Impact Initiative and Cienega Capital. Both Boston Impact Initiative and Cienega Capital hold a minority interest in City Fresh Foods and the Lloyd brothers hold a majority interest. “Collectively as shareholders, we are aligned and committed to the mission of advancing community health and economic equality for the communities City Fresh Foods has served for 20 years and are committed to ensuring the employment and career advancement for local residents.”


Brothers Glynn Lloyd (left) and Sheldon Lloyd (right)

The shareholders of City Fresh Foods are also pleased to announce the appointment of Sheldon Lloyd as CEO of City Fresh Foods. We are equally excited to share that Glynn Lloyd has been appointed the Managing Director of Boston Impact Initiative. Glynn, a majority shareholder of City Fresh Foods, will continue his work in leading the Company’s growth strategies as the Chairman of the Board. Glynn’s appointment as Managing Director of Boston Impact Initiative will create opportunities to expand his long-standing commitment to equitable urban economic development through financing minority-led local businesses.

City Fresh Foods will leverage Boston Impact Initiative’s expertise in fiscal management and growth strategies to continue to build its business capacity and performance.

Over the past year, City Fresh Foods has partnered with the Boston Public Health Commission and the Harvard School of Public Health on an initiative to reduce meal sodium levels and explore majority use of fresh meat and poultry proteins. We believe this partnership will produce a healthier meal and generate a healthier lifestyle for the communities that City Fresh servers.

Please join us in welcoming Boston Impact Initiative and Cienega Capital to our team. We would also like to thank Glynn Lloyd for his outstanding contribution and vision to City Fresh Foods. We wish Glynn continued success as Chairman of the Board of Directors for City Fresh Foods and Managing Director of Boston Impact Initiative. We also would like to extend congratulations to Sheldon Lloyd and wish him continued success in leading City Fresh Foods.

If you would like to extend your well wishes to Glynn directly he can be reached at (617) 828-4318.

We look forward to continuing our work with you.