City Fresh Foods began in 1994 when three young entrepreneurs—including current CEO Sheldon Lloyd—started a take-out lunch operation in Roxbury, Massachusetts that offered fresh, home-style ethnic foods.

Not long after we opened our doors, we were asked to deliver food to the growing but still underserved population of ethnic homebound seniors. Five years later, City Fresh started serving schools and childcare centers, too, and diversified its menu to provide options for every taste.

Today, City Fresh is a nationally recognized provider of affordable, high-quality whole meals, with a mission-driven business model that supports community development. We’ve long since moved from our original storefront location, and now operate out of a state-of-the-art 14,000 square foot facility in Roxbury.

In 2009, City Fresh founder Glynn Lloyd co-founded City Growers, which converts abandoned lots in inner city Boston into urban farms. These farms provide City Fresh Foods and area restaurants and markets with fresh produce, while creating jobs and revitalizing neighborhoods.